Stoicism which is by definition, indifference to pleasure or pain; impassiveness. Many would say that this way of thinking about and reacting to conflicts is not the way of the world today, when in reality stoicism has become a normal part of everyday life. Although it may seem when you watch the news, read the paper, or read some articles online in many cases stoicism is absent. However stoicism exists in many parts of the world today, many citizens of this planet use this way of thinking and reacting to make it through their everyday lives. While it may not be as visible in America other countries citizens have found they have no other choice. All they are left with is their normal everyday routine which includes ignoring the horrible things happening around them.
In America today stoicism is subtle and still progressing. After the attacks on 9/11 americans were shell shocked, they did not know how to react to such a terrible tragedy and act of cruelty. We reacted the only way we knew how, we became enraged. However not long after the attacks normalcy and patriotism was preached by the President. Americans were urged to resume their everyday lives and continue to use public transportation, and air travel as normal. Today public transportation and air travel has rebuilt itself and many americans have regained their confidence and sense of security when using these methods of travel. Unfortunately this process has taken over five years and the acts of 9/11 will never be forgotten. While americans had the benefit of time to recover from such a hit, other countries are not so lucky to have had recovery time after a terrorist attack.
For example Bombay was struck in 1993 by terrorist attacks which in one day consisted of seven blasts killing 250 people and injuring over 500.
The citizens of Bombay showed a great display of stoicism after these attacks. The aftermath was cleaned up within a couple of hours, people returned to work in full strength the next day, merchants and vendors placed and took orders, and there was close to one hundred percent attendance in schools the day after. The people of Bombay had no choice other than to act as if nothing had happen, in a way this was a defense mechanism. This was their way of fighting back and saying "The spirit of Bombay is very strong and can not be harmed." Pictured below is the aftermath of one of the attacks made on Bombay.

external image bombaysebastiandsouzaafpgetty.jpg